Monday, September 11, 2006

It's in the can...

I wanted to see the "food cans" constructions but the weather was really miserable this weekend, so we rented a bunch of movies and stayed home. Let me see if I am in good mood tomorrow to take the britomart tour... I am talking about the Architecture week in Auckland. I guess it would be interesting to see the pictures of old houses (a 100 years ago)... from the one on the cataloge... they look exactly the same as the current ones!!! Same weather boards, same tin roof, same box shape, same picket fences, and same wooden window frames... I wonder if they are going to use those cans to make roofs.

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Anonymous hooper said...

Just for the heck of it....

A little boy was in a relative's wedding. As he was coming down the aisle he would take two steps, stop, and turn to the crowd (alternating between bride's side and groom's side), put his hands up like claws, and roar. Step, step, ROAR, step, step, ROAR, all the way down the aisle. The crowd was near tears from laughing so hard by the time he reached the pulpit. The little boy, however, was getting more and more distressed from all the laughing and was almost crying by the time he reached the pulpit.

When asked what he was doing, the child sniffed and said, I was being the Ring Bear.


12:14 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

I see... that's why Frodo roars... or moans. I thought it was because his fingernails got broken.

Here a bucaneer challenge:

Do you know where can I find the "loose change 911" movie on mpg? I don't have dvd burner so torrent is usless for me.


11:09 PM  
Anonymous hooper said...

Uh.... sure mate...

But I guess you have some points mixed up, you see...

...You don't need it to be in mpeg to watch it in your Mac, normal (free) Quick Time should do the trick for DivX and MPG4 files.

All of the format above, including mpeg require a DVD burner to be viewed in a commercial DVD player.

And, most important, a MPEG file in a good quality would be as big as five to ten times the same file in MPG4, you sure you want to download a 5G file?

Here you have the link to the movie in DivX format, in a size that would fit in a normal CD, so you can make a backup and watch it in your Mac, a PC at your school or a commercial DVD player that read DivX movies (they are dirt cheap nowadays)

Of course it's a bittorrent link, sorry but without BT you won't get anywere.

Of course you can go all legal and buy the DVD form the Director himself, I hear they are cheap at their webblog:

If you don't want to spend any money and don't mind the bad quality, search for it on Google video and Youtube, I understand there are copies there.

In any case don't forget to pay a visit here to round up what the video say:

--Hope I was helpful

4:32 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...


I'm just unsure about the Div.avi file... how do I put that on a CD to be "playable" on a DVD player?

My problem is that I only have 3gb per month... yes, yes, it is terrible that OZ and NZ are the only countries where you pay broadband by MB. So, I don't want to download that much, only to realise that I can't play those videos.

In other technical questions:

How the @&8%#* can I justify text on photoshop elements??? Don't tell me that I have to type blank spaces into the text!


5:14 PM  
Anonymous hooper said...

U pay your ISP by the byte??!!!

Man and here I keep bitching about my ISP doing bad stuff like recompressing the TV signal to squeeze in more IP services....

...As for the movie....

If you get your paws on a tabletop DVD player that reads DivX files, all you have to do is to burn the avi file in a plain ISO-9660 CD (PC format if you will) and feed the disc to the player.... voilá the trick is done.

If you want to make a real DVD, playable everywhere, well then is a little more complicated but since you already have Adobe Premiere(TM)in your Mac, you are halfway there for it will open the .avi file directly

Now If you have Premiere Pro, you can re-export it to DVD format files (under export, not render)and it will do most of the reencoding chores for you.

If not well... you can re-export the file as QuickTime so all of your Mac Applications would recognize it.

In any case, once you have your files at hand, you must use a DVD burning Application to put them in a DVD, you cannot do it with a CD burning program and obviously you'll need a DVD recorder too!

I kind of remember that you have Roxio Toast(TM), right? surely it already have DVD burning capacities....

If so, pick DVD-Video as your target and it will ask you for the video files (I'm pretty sure it will open .avi files directly, but if it coughes, just pre-convert them to QT), pick them in the order you want them to play and burn baby burn... the application will take care of the finer details.

Of course you can also use iMovies, wich it's pretty much dumb proof.

All of these Apps rely on QuickTime to read the DivX codec, so you cannot avoid to update it to the latest version, (that is, you must be able to watch the movie in QT player in order for the rest of the programs to decode it, so you don't need to burn the DVD just to watch the movie, right?)

...and one last word of advice... are you sure you really want to see the movie, because in all honesty it's not that good.

In any case happy burning, and should you need it, I'll make you a detailed fly plan for you on DVD burning (and authoring)

3:23 AM  
Anonymous hooper said...

Photoshop elements Mmm...

Sorry never used it before, but since it an Adobe(TM) product, it must come with some sort of Paragraph window or tab (perhaps behind the Character window/tab)

It may also appear somewhere in the status bar once you pick up the text tool.

You can also option click the text layer and look for paragraph in the contextual menu.

All this can be made to text layers only, I'm sure you know that once the layer is rendered or flattened, the text cannot be further edited.

I hope this helps... Kia ora

3:56 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Thanks again... I'll have to search for the paragraph menu... but since it's a version for poor guys like me, seems that it hasn't.

Anyway... that's exactly my problem. I am stuck in "catch 22" I can't upgrade or use many programs... like the quiktime drivers for instance... because I have OSX10.2 Nobody makes anything compatible to 10.2 anymore... not even apple!!! This is just like having windows 95!!! And of course... they have a warning that IF i put the upgrade on this G3... it probably won't run very well... So, I'm stuck! And I can't play or edit, or manage avi files... or even some newest .mov files !!!

terrible, terrible.


2:38 AM  
Anonymous hooper said...

About Photoshop Elements, there is a justify button set in the status bar when you select the type tool...

...this may prove helpful
Look around but you'll find what you need under the Type tool.

On QuickTime... you don't need a newer OS to use the latest QT, it should work even on OSX 10.1.0

In any case I'm using OSX 10.4.3 in my G3 with no problem, it is slower, true... but it's not unusable.

A little more RAM would do wonders though, but as I tell you you don't need to change OS to use a new QT (it even works in my Windows 2000!!!)

Besides if you are like me, you'll need to ponder if you need a snappy Mac who can't manage new Apps or files, or a slower Mac that still can be useful in the contemporary world..... yeah, I switched to OSX 10.4

As for the new codecs in QT, aside from the DivX codec, you'll need H.264 for HDTV content.

Of course you can find these codecs free in the net (and DivX players too), it's just that QT is free too and works very well on the Mac --in the PC is a nuisance---

Dewa matta

4:16 AM  
Blogger Roolhaas said...

Just to change the topic. Here is a link to some interesting graffitti.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

I give up!!! Next time I will be using "word" to make our catalogues! Honest!

You see, the problem is that elements only has "right/left indent and center" there's no justify:

About QT..., I can't install the upgrade... I was thinking about sending a screenshot of the error message, and how ridiculous that looks, because we're talking here OSX!!!

That's exactly what I mean, when I say that 10.3 and 10.4 should be actually 11.1 and 11.2! And perahaps they should be called by monkey names : OSX 11.1 Baboon... OSX 11.3 Orangutan, etc... or by reptile names, now that everyone is into the crocodile hunter story: alligator, anaconda, sting ray...

That doesnt't mean that I am one of those geeks waiting for "vista"... which will be available (maybe) for christmas 2007.

What I actually need is a new machine... maybe for christmas.

I hope that tomorrow I'll be finishing the catalogue, I'll send you a preview.


1:32 AM  

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