Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ich spreche Gibberish

I already told you the anecdote when I heard some students in the halls saying: "why don't you go biodegrade"... and I realised, I was old. Well, at least the semiotic analysis of "biodegrade" could be quite interesting, that's why it's funny. But nowadays it's like: that's kinda cool, and I am like, whatever!

I always insist that design is a language. A language that must be learned in order to be able to articulate ideas, thoughts and meanings. Roberto (LDI director at ITESM) had a flyer of the Milano fair that had the motto: "do you speak design?" Some people think that design it's just using shapes and colours to make nice things... but you can use the same shapes and colours and get a horrible or a nice composition. Why? Well, not everyone speaks design fluently. Some speak like Tarzan... others are more articulate, others are just as offensive as the kind of language used by the Sopranos, while others are just like, that's sweet Dude! Just like any spoken language, there are also design slang and dialects (I guess).

I mean, for example, I just hate the snicker tennis shoes that look like gangsta rapper shoes... I do not like window shopping for fashion, but when I have to buy tennis, it's like an endless quest to find something decent. Most of those tennis are like, If I'm still a looser when I'm 40, I'd like to look like Eminemo P, and I am like, No way! and the guy at the store is like: what? and I am like, Hey, I'm not 17, Dewed!


Update: check out Sandra's cousin (Paris Hilton) interview.
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