Thursday, August 17, 2006

13/64 Pence for your toughts

This month our so called "silver coins" changed into "smaller change". Well, there is a semantic thing about having smaller money... the idea that it decreased in value! However, that aside, my complaint about that, is that it is a good example on how conservative are kiwis. I mean, when I was young they changed the mexican coins and notes several times. Some may remember the copper 20 cents, and the infamous pentagonal 10 pesos. My point is, that one can get used to new money... in fact, it is always a good chance to give the old coins a good makeover.

I think it is silly to keep the old designs on new, smaller coins. Why? because the current designs are horrible! They are the same designs of imperial coins some 100 years ago. In 1967 NZ changed to decimal coins but using the same drawings. I have some old shilling coins, and they are exactly the same as the current 20 cent coins. Just like in many other areas, we are letting the oportunities to make a modern country pass by. It was a good chance to bring up some kiwi identity... and our conservative imperialism won once again.

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