Friday, July 28, 2006

Oh, yeah!

It was many, many years ago. Sandra and I went to Eurodisney. After a whole week in Paris we needed some relax time. We passed in front of the "small world" but it was closed for technical difficulties or something. So, after riding on every game (it's a small park after all) we found ourselves in front of "small world" and this time it was open.

And just like the horror rides as "spook house"... just a few meters before reaching the end of the ride... all boats got stuck. We were trapped inside the boats for about half an hour before we could be "rescued". It was horrible!!! Can you imagine hearing that kitschig song "it's a small world after all, tra la la..." for half an hour straight!?? It was like psychological torture. Maybe we should sue disney for traumatic stress disorder or breaching the Geneva Conventions on torture or something. Anyway, after being rescued we went to the "nokia small world" to see the cute holograms... the song was just like an echo permanently etched into our neural synapses and our ears by then. I always remember that story when we see episode 9F11 when the Simpsons visit Duffland: "here's a duff beer for you, here's a duff beer for me... tra la la..."

Anyway, Raul sent me a very weird newspaper article: A guy from Guadalajara just got granted a Trademark patent for Duff Beer. Just a couple of weeks later he's selling thousands of duff beer cartons... unfortunately you can't buy a single beer, you have to buy the whole carton. Well, just like i told him: "ocupo" una de esas botellas para mi coleccion". Rumor has it, that he's looking for a suitable duffman. If you think you have a duffman muscular figure (including the beer tummy) go get some red underwear from suburbia. Auditions will be soon.

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