Thursday, June 22, 2006

World c.u.p.

Some time ago I wrote about the "pee goal". Now with all the futballmania these days, they became a trendy gadget. Even ponchito virtual talked about them! But how about an electronic pee-goal? Well, they feature those at the game show "distraction". Everytime a contestant wants to ring the buzzer to answer a question, they have... well, do a little wee to activate the buzzer. Problem is, to control it for next question. Can you say "parangaricutirimicuaro" backwards?

If we combine both technologies, maybe we'll get a patentable interactive soccer game. Imagine playing penalty shots against pee-soccer-players all over the world, at distant bars and stadiums. Online-pee-goals could be interconnected through the internet. Who knows, maybe even use web cams to re-play the best shots. That would make a great innovation idea for the goober brothers. By the way, I don't know if I should congratulate the mexican soccer team for making it to the next round when they passed by loosing. Maybe Omar Bravo needs to train his aim on a pee-goal.

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