Monday, November 09, 2009


Now that our lives are centered around the offspring, I guess it makes sense to blog about some good and bad baby-product design. Let's start with a nice idea, although I don't have the privilege to have any of these "eco-toys":

  • Fact: there are 900 million batteries used each year in the UK alone and many are in toys.
  • Fact: Only 2% of batteries are currently recycled - the rest end up in landfill sites and are poisoning our planet!
  • Fact: Kids love electronic toys!
  • The problem: How do we give children what they desire but without poisoning our planet?
  • The solution: - ecotronic toys - batteryless electronic toys! The face of the toy world is about to change forever!

The designs are too "retro" style for my taste, but the idea of electronic toys that can be charged with a dynamo by shaking, twisting or squeezing is brilliant!

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