Monday, December 07, 2009


Well, I just received a YouTube contact invitation from Oliver Kray, a young designer from Berlin. I watched a couple of his videos, and I have to say that he's doing an interesting job, a little bit 50's retro for my taste, but quite interesting in terms of the finished result.

Another German wall and façade-designer with extraordinary talent is Philip Gaedke. My first impression was: "Gosh, I'll have to use something like that on my next multisensory room". You know, I've never been a fan of superficial textures or any kind of ornament because most of my teachers were influenced by Loos's point of view: "ornament is a crime". For me, texture should be achieved by the own nature of the materials... but I must admit that good graphic design can do wonders and I really admire those results.

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Blogger Timwi said...

The title of this post is wrong. It should be "oberflächlich". You got the umlaut right in the more recent entry, I'm sure you can do it here too! :)

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