Friday, September 18, 2009

Todos tenemos una historia con Jumex

A (very) long time ago, I wrote about Unilever's Lynx (axe in some countries) deodorants. They may have very good odd-vertising campaigns, but the smell of their fragrances, the graphic design, and the usability of the "trigger" thingy are terrible! I don't know if it works because it's almost a world wide monopoly and people don't have a choice, or because, well, not everyone has good taste.

I'm sorry I didn't post this earlier... this has been in my "to do list" for quite a while. I just didn't had the excuse (or the time) to do it, but the story of the hijacking of a plane with just a couple of Jumex fruit juice cans is just surreal. Of course, being Mexico, the jokes and conspiracy theories if it was just a publicity stunt were immediate. I must admit, that even I did some jokes about that on my facebook status: "it was probably a Broccoli juice he used to threat the pilot".

PZ Cussons - graphite deodorantAnyway, can you imagine what would have happened if instead of broccoli juice cans, he would have used these deodorant cans? Not even Jack Bauer, Samuel Jackson, Harrison Ford, Steven Segal or even all of them together could have handled that! I'm glad to have here PZ Cussons' graphite deodorants, they are just great... not only they smell very nice, the "trigger" thingy is totally ergonomic (shaped so it can be used in any direction with not much effort), and the graphic design is absolutely fantastic! That's exactly how (good) product development should be made. Interesting that "graphite deodorant" has an 8.6% market share in New Zealand, with little or no advertising, compared with the constant bombardment of unilever's ads. This also shows that brands from so called "developing countries" can offer better products than the much larger "first world" corporations, when they put their minds into it. Good on ya' mates! Now, I don't have to worry about women biting my bums when I ride on a bus, bookworms attacking me at the library, a herd of crazy girls chasing me down mission bay, or transvesti raping me on an elevator! What a relief!

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