Sunday, June 04, 2006

Serie Cart-on 2006

Alejandro Limon sent me (a little bit late) some pictures of this year's cardboard cars race at ITESM campus Guadalajara. I am glad that they kept doing this activity. This year there were only 10 teams, but I was impressed by the quality of their cars. My favourite is of course the John Deere tractor for obvious reasons.
Congratulations to all LDI!

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Blogger aguazumaki said...

Ha ha ha, now I see why you like so much the tracktor, nevertheless it was very very well done, it's a shame it was so hard to dirve. It had directionable wheels, very fancy by the way; but what for would you want that in a race where the circuit was a straignt line, the tractor was doing a zig-zag during the race because of the directionable wheels.
I didn't like so much the Trojan Horse aesthetics but it was quite functional.
I could upload the videos of the race if you want, i only have to compress them.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

It would be great to have a video! Let me know if you upload it...

Do you have a you-tube account? I think it compresses the video "on the fly"


5:52 PM  
Blogger aguazumaki said...

I've uploaded two of the four videos. I'll upload the others tomorrow.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

WOW!!! Thanks for uploading those videos.

I see what you mean about the "zig-zag" of the tractor.

I'll make a post on the main section with all 4 videos later.

Thanks again.


10:33 PM  
Blogger aguazumaki said...

I uploaded all the videos. I finally had to compress one of the videos because I just couldn't upload it in its original format.
I updated my profile and the videos are there

There is another video, one in the middle of the third and the finale, the "repechaje" one. The seconds and the thirds places form the firs two races ran to get to the finale. But I don't have a video of that race and strangly anyone of my friends in LDI have it. If I found it, I'll upload it

4:40 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Thanks for going into all that trouble! I certainly enjoyed the videos... it made me kinda "home-sick" You know, I miss all the good people at ITESM!



9:19 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

On this YouTube playlist are some videos from ITESM including the serie cart-on races.


7:45 PM  

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