Monday, May 15, 2006

Tubofono Parafinicocromatico 2

Now that I have broadband internet, I've been enjoying some videos from gPod. (thanks Raul) and I mean "some" because 150MB for a movie is still a lot to take for my ASDL thingy. Like Fox once said: "you can listen to Jorge Luis Borges' "canto nuevo" songs!" My favourite is: Miles Davis & John Coltrane's - SO WHAT one of their best performances. Check out the extensive list of videos at gPod.

One of the wierdest videos I've found lately, is AliG interviewing Noam Chomsky... of course they discuss linguistics and semiology. (via) But my favourite(s) are this series of animated music instruments directed and composed by Wayne Lytle and digitally animated by Dave Crognale, called animusic. Now, that would be a nice thing to build with lego bricks! Enjoy!

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Blogger raul said...

There is another website ( that i am sure you will also enjoy. I found quite amusing a video of a recent performance of 4'33 by John Cage, the video is peformed by a full orchestra, giving the piece a completely different scale, compared to the orginal piano solo performance.
Anyway, I have been extremely busy lately, sorry for not answering your mails, I have read all of them. I have not get my hair cut yet....


4:26 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

No problemo,

Go get a hair cut! he, he...


5:38 PM  

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