Sunday, May 14, 2006

Tubofono parafinicocromatico

If you think that lego skyscrapers are cool... check out TechEBlog's top ten strangest lego creations... it gave me the idea of building some classic chairs using lego bricks, maybe it will be featured on one of those strange & odd objects blogs someday... and it would be more economical to buy all those lego bricks than buying vitra's miniature scale chairs anyway... and definatelly safer than sitting on Raul's Wassily chair! He, he...

Here's a neat chindogu, if you want to practice your "putting"... instead of reading or building lego things while you're buisy. That would match the look of Starck's bathroom fittings. Why is it that most designer's websites have those boring flash intros?... and it's imposible to bookmark interesting projects like Roman Gebhard's dark-white studio "Cleanscape" concept proposal for Whirpool. Anyway, I think it's interesting how both projects have a "retro" inspiration, not necesarely in terms of styling but in terms of how things used to be simple, to the point and functional. We saw some of Starck's bathroom fitting at the expo, and my question was: how would they actually look on a house like "sorteo TEC"?

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Blogger raul said...

Forget Sorteo Tec!, it is a shame that the name of ITESM is on that, specially when the institute has a decent school of architecture, the second oldest in Mexico, just after San Carlos, that eventually turned into UNAM.
That is the main problem with democracy, the "mob" (as Frank Lloyd Wright depicted the majority) rarely are right. Imagine if we had to listen to music according to a democratic system, we would be damned to listen Los Tigres del Norte.

4:33 PM  
Blogger Sandra said...

I couldn't avoid starting laughing out loud when imagining Raul or Fernando listening to the Northern Tigers... a clear example of how democracy would work taken as a rule for everything!

9:02 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Well, that is the problem with government funded TV... the new budget gives 15 mi more for "quality local TV including music videos" That means: more NZ Idols, more shortland street, more Goober Brothers, more Dei Hamo and Eminemo P music videos.

That's why I also hate that kind of democracy. I believe that media should be ruled by a free market, and not controlled by government policies.

Tigres del Norte? Que te pasa? I love 'em! he, he...


11:57 AM  

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