Sunday, April 16, 2006

Cuckoo apples & bananas

Sandra had a coupon for 10 movies for 10 bucks, so... we have now plenty of movies for the long easter weekend. Today we started by digesting 2 Woody Allen movies. After all this time, I forgot about the giant... I wonder if they ever found the other pair... or if it's still running unrestrained!

Speaking of movies, I just found out about the simpsons' movie. I wanted to see the trailer, but unfortunately that requires quicktime 7. Problem is... that I have Mac OsX.2 "Pussycat" and most of the updates like quicktime 7 require 10.3! It's just terrible. A couple of weeks back, I told you that I wanted to make some flash games... well, I have studio MX, but the upgrade for some new features only runs on OSX 10.3 , etc, etc. My question is: why is apple discriminating against OSX 10.2? My computer is just 3 years old and is already obsolete for any kind of update. I needed a disk defragmenter in January (that was the cause why my computer was running so slow when I was in Mexico, first I thought it was a cultural issue, you know... my laptop taking a siesta under a cactus) Anyway, I couldn't get a disk defrag because the ones for OSX 10.2 are discontinued. Worst of all, the new Leopard is coming soon. In my opinion, those updates souldn't be called OSX... they should be OS 11, etc. if they are so much different to leave out the previous versions, they shouldn't be called the same.

A couple of months back I received the alias-wavefront newsletter announcing the merger (or sale) to autodesk. I had the hope to have some day a Mac version of StudioTools... but now that they bacame autodesk, all hope is gone. Nevertheless, the world domination of the evil empire doesn't end there. Apple announced bootcamp... now you can choose if you want to start your mac from the mac hard drive or a windows hard drive partition. Note that it is not the emulator for virtual PC... this is the real deal... running windows using the duo core devil inside. In their own words: "Windows running on a Mac is like Windows running on a PC. That means it’ll be subject to the same attacks that plague the Windows world".

If you have any ideas on how the computer of the future may look like, here's the 2006 start something PC competition (now called Next Generation Design Competition). In sum, if a couple of years ago, a merger between Adobe and Macromedia, or Alias and Autodesk were unthinkable... is it possible that we are approaching a merger between mac and pc? How is it going to ba called? Winpples? Applows? Micro-apple? This world is definately going cuckoo bananas!

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