Friday, April 07, 2006

Negligent gardner

Ok, ok... I negleted this blog for a week. I've been quite busy trying to finish the special kiwis website that I didn't have the time to browse for news 'bout and 'round design. Coudal Partners had an intriguing puzzle last week: Da Vinci's other code. Sorry for not posting about it earlier, It's been solved by now. But if you keep away from the answers you may find something interesting to do during this weekend. Also via Coudal, there's this cardboard chair that converts to a garden chair literally. I am not sure how you are suposed to mow your chair... or sit on it after putting organig feritizer.

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Blogger aguazumaki said...

It's very interesting the idea this chair. Cardboard still amazes me. I never thoght how usefull it could be until I started studing Indutrial Design.
The only problem i found is the price. It's offensively expensive (US$ 114). I spend about US$10 on and I used 7m² of material, about double or triple that the Grass Armchair, and the seed wont cost more than US$ 5.

9:58 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Novelty design items are always expensive... it's not about the cost of materials, it's because people who want those items are willing to pay whatever it takes to get them.

If you look at that problem from other perspective, that is exactly what I told you about the advantages of designing and manufacturing your products in Mexico... you get cheaper costs for materials, and then you can export your high quality designs for a profit (the example of this chair would be 100 dollars profit for each one) Even when you get just half of that, it's still $500 pesos of profit each!!! You better start thinking about going into the business incubators to make some of your designs for real.

But remember, we are talking here about "designer" products, not about low-end-generic-wal-mart-chinese products.


4:28 PM  

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