Friday, March 24, 2006

Politically incorrect

This weekend, Roberto Madrazo said that all his TV spots will now include Braille captions for the hearing impaired. Well, Dahhh! That only illustrates how unaware are polititians regarding disabilities. I mean... there's no such thing as a "touch" screen TV.

Speaking of Braille, I found this interesting study on blind childern who seem to have dyslexia (Politically correct: "3D learner" or "Gifted Operating with a Learning Difference" = GOLD student) when reading Braille. It's quite interesting because it shows that reversing or confusing letters is not a visual problem. For example, I make the same mistake of confusing s and d even when writing on the computer (I write disables instead of disabled for example). I found a web site written with exactly that same problem a couple of weeks ago... I guess, I'm not alone: Dyslexics untie!

In other health related news, mexican scientists from IPN created a "Robot Nurse". It hands out medical instruments during operations to prevent the risk on nurses to get infected... 42% of all infections of HIV or Hepatitis B are caused by handling surgical instruments. Downside of the story: hundreds of naughty sexy nurses will lose their jobs! However, if they use this technology wisely and ask some Japanese designers to help... maybe they could end up with a nice anime-like robot nurse. So, it's good news anyway !

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