Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Success algorythms

Last week was a lot of buzz arround the billionaires list. I was complaining of how all that gossip was one-sided and perhaps racist against mexicans. OK. I usually don't write here about politics, because I should have an entire blog for that. Anyway, the fact that Carlos Slim made it to number 3... it was like he wasn't there at all. They all talked on the news about Kamprad, Bill Gates, and even Donald Trump (who is about 260 on that list)... but not a word on Slim. Is it because it is too humilliating for the US-americans to accept that a Mexican can be more successful in business than Donald Trump? I don't know.

Down Under, one of the new fortunes on this side of the world comes from Paul Ramsay owner of Ramsay Health Care wich is a chain of more than 40 private hospitals in Australia.

Remember my hand accident? Well, the doctor said that I had to get a reinforcement shot of tetanus vaccine after one month, and another in one year. So, I went to the white cross clinic in new market to get my shot, filled half an hour worth of paperwork, and then... the kiwi nurse said that it was not necessary. That "in New Zealand" (implying that it is more civilized than Mexico) you only get one shot and it should be enough.

Maybe it is because in Mexico I had to pay for the service up to the last bandage, that I didn't had to fill any forms, wait for an hour and then get dismissed because "ACC doesn't pay for any extra vaccines outside the normal usual claims". Honestly, public service sucks! No wonder that Ramsay is making a lot of money with private health care... and that kiwis get offended when you slightly talk about private services. If you want to be successful in business, you have to offer a good service. That's why public services are always bad... their goal is not to be successful, their goal is to be democratic! Let's put some numbers to the test:
Now you know it. That is the secret to success (if you want to make it to the billionaires list someday).

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Blogger raul said...

My student's blogs have now some interesting posts, if you have time check them out and let me know what you think. I told them to visit your blog, but you know how young (almost teenagers) students are.

5:26 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Oh, yes! the projects are awesome!

Congrats to you and your students!

Here some links to my favourites:

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Adolfo Estrada

Nuria Bernat


Luis Fernando

Adriana Patino

Fernanda Ortiz who puts everything into the same post!

I liked all these 3 projects:

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and tower by Arturo Nieto

Camarena (who makes everything in pink)

Grecia Karina


11:17 PM  

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