Friday, February 24, 2006

NZ rave

What happens when someone who's idea of culture is a hip-hop rave, is in charge of Arts and Culture? You get a bunch of DJ's and gansta rappers as highlight for a national arts festival. It's been now 6 years... and each year the events are ... well, there might have been better events and performances at Zapopum!

In 2000 it was really hard to decide which paid events to attend. Now that the cultural level has sunken into populism... there's not much to choose from. Some paid events are not that bad... but they are also not extraordinary. I mean, even the Simpsons went to see "cirque du puree" (a copycat of cirque du soleil).

I have to conceal the identity of our sources, but an insider told us that NZ orchestras don't play the same days there's rugby. First, because nobody would show up (including some musicians), and because there's the risk that the whole hall would shout "goaaaal!" in the middle of the concert. It's like the Springfildian hillbillies that got out of the philarmony concert and only hear classical music as ringtones on their mobiles. Maybe the Michael Fowler centre will become a state prison someday. (yes, yes, more simpsons references)

Sandra's uncle Heinrich Klug will be conducting the Münchner Philharmoniker on March 7th. A very nice programme of Mozart's Jupiter and Schubert's Winterreise. Last week he conducted a concert for children including a puppet show. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to invite him to the next New Zealand arts festival.

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Blogger raul said...

"Hay peores"... (could be worse) believe me. At least you do not have to deal with neo narcos with banda music parking in double line in front of your house.

6:31 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...


But there are also some (redneck wannabies) nacos here too:

Last week one of our neighbors moved out. Their garage is at the entrance of our driveway, and because they used their garage as storage warehouse, they parked their two cars in front of it... so it was really hard to drive in or out. We're all glad they're gone.

On Auckland's anniversary day we parked near the city. It's hard to explain, but there are trees in between each two cars. When we returned, the car (that was) in front of us was gone, and the new car parked just 5cm in front of my bumper...

But you are right, those are not everyday stories here, just the exceptions.

Are you going to see the stones?

have a nice weekend.

12:38 AM  

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