Friday, February 03, 2006


It's terrible that Mexico slipped 7 places down on the "global competitivity index"... seriously, we need policies to help the development of new (small) business... from my point of view as a designer, not just small "tienditas". We need to strenghten small production, and design led industry. Despite (or besides) the so called "informal economy" (nice name for tiangueros) there's very little industry at a global competitive level. Tell me! after struggling for months to get right the production of our standers. That doesn't mean we're not competitive, it just means, that there is not enough industry or business competing!

So, it's always nice to have design competitions or prizes like the XVI Premio Quorum. (via) Published works (that means also products already in production) can apply on many categories. There's one special category for "export items" and students are encouraged to participate with posters and photographs on HIV, violence and drugs prevention. Apply before March 10th.
Good luck
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