Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I know... the title is not very clever... my intellignece dried out from yesterday's post. I collected some bookmarks for posting, but I want to clean up my pc, so now I'll put them together.

Industrial Brand Creative published a list of their selection of the best design blogs in 2005. Bookmark all 11... including IBC!

Dicojal, Itesm and the UK Trade and Investment Office invites you to their 2nd. Design Forum, to be held 6-8 february at ITESM Guadalajara. They'll have: workshops, conferences, trade opportunities, branding, innovation, etc... If you visit dicojal's website... have a look at their article on eco-design. At the end of the examples presentation, there's a list with very useful resources on that.

This eco-bike reminded me of one of my projects in Germany. Please look (here) at my projects in Essen to compare that with my design. I remember that my supervisors were not so thrilled about my project... they were expecting a normal diamond frame bike. In fact, the winner of that competition was an almost normal diamond frame, with some fiberglass connectors. Na ja.

Finally. Here's Pello by IKEA. Very similar to the one we have on our living room, but I like ours better. When I went to Guadalajara to build the standers, my favourite sketch was a bended wooden frame like this. But it changed into aluminum after some feedback at the reHa expo. I'm not ruling that out for our next series... I'm just worried about maquila (out sourcing) of that!

I'll leave you with some pics from our one day trip to Waiheke Island last weekend. They are of course on my yahoo albums. I must warn you that the yahoo OZ server has been very slow since Christmas... so be patient.

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