Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Olde Historye

Wow!!! I was googling, killing some time, searching for incoherent keyword combinations, like : new zealand itesm, disabled design guadalajara, vallejo design, etc, etc... and ... to my surprise; I found this:
I thought that fortunecity disabled that page many, many, many years ago!!! Raul and I saw Edith (the tall girl) a couple of months ago, at the machinery and tools expo. Afterwards we talked about our old students, and how most of them have very good jobs or have their own studios. The architecture school at ITESM campus Guadalajara is going to be 10 yr old by the end of next semester. It is incredible how time goes by.

Cheers to all my students in all these years.
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Blogger Roolhaas said...

That is called digital archaeology.

1:24 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Oh yes! That's a discovery from the last millenium!

Just look at the terrible quality of the scans... also the bad filtering and compression of the images...

...but much worst: it proved right what you said: "nowadays students are much younger than they used to be"

I'll catch up with you later...


10:30 PM  

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