Sunday, December 18, 2005

Back home

Finally, after almost 5 months, I'm back home. The nicest thing, was to see my wife once again. After breakfast and some unpacking, we went out for a stroll through Mission Bay. We found a very nice 93' Saab 9000 and we are going to check it out tomorrow. I'll tell you later about the final (stressful days) in Mexico and my trip ... but I have some duties to acomplish first.

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Blogger Chelle said...

que linda pic!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Thanks Chelle!

Please feel free to browse through my pictures on yahoo. There are images of mexico and New Zealand.


2:45 PM  
Blogger Roolhaas said...

Please give our regards to Sandra. Today I am not feeling good, soar throat and aching bones. I do not know wether is a virus Alejandra had last week or the thousand boxes we had to carry up to the apartment!

3:03 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

I hope you get well soon. It's probably just some allergy to magicians. He, he.

I escaped the worst of the polen season (spring) but I'm already using my spray. Maybe you should get some allergy spray too.

I told you that I was going to forget something in my room... without electricity it was hard to see if something got left behind, specially when it's small like the allen keys!!!

You may need 2 packs: one metric, and one imperial (inches) to disassemble our prototype...


12:42 AM  

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