Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hasta la vista

Here they are: the miniature christmas trees. This was the last exercise of composition 2 at ITESM. The idea was to use a christmas tree as media to communicate "what does industrial design mean?". The results were some clever explorations about packaging, recycling, evolution, problem solving, retro-design, etc.

To close this semester, there was a nice surprise. Mark Wood, former head of the architecture school and now campus director in Hermosillo, was here in Guadalajara. So we went to have dinner at "el italiano" a class 3B restaurant (bueno, bonito y barato). Alejandra, Raul, Mark, Jose Antonio and I solved all world's problems, and talked about the old times over some exquisite italian food and wine.

My days here are counted... only 15 days left here in Guadalajara and we're more than one month behind with the standers, and there's still of course a lot to do. The pressure is high, but I think we'll manage to get at least the first series this week. The metal workshop guys are our weakest link (I'll tell you the anecdotes later, right now they only give me stress).

Stressful was a small scare with... Remember the famous hinge? Well, I decided to use a flat, normal 2x2" Truper hinge. All hardware stores have them (at least I thought, because they all sell their products)... but they all ran out of them! I started to panic! because the platform (which was water cut) and the metal counter-piece are ready and are matched exactly to that hinge. Today I went to the main Truper distribution centre, which is right in the middle of the red light district. I tell you this because I had to park 10 blocks away and walk through that zone! Anyway, they told me they also ran out of them, but when they checked to order some... they had 30 in storage... and the next shipment from Hong Kong will be on dec. 19th . Oh boy! That was a close call.

OK. Bye for now, I have to get ready for another stressful day...

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