Monday, November 21, 2005


I always think that there must be a bigger force in the universe to keep things going. Technitians are the proof that God exists. If everything depended only on the work of technitians, this worls would have collapsed many years ago. It's just frustrating that they do such sluppy work, but they are convinced that they are the only ones with techinical knowledge to solve everything! They try to make people think that it´s rocket science, when it´s just a couple of bores.

This couple of weeks have been stressful, with the production of the first series of standers. The guys of the laser cut put the plate on the wrong direction, they also left the protective sheet on the other side... causing that the bender guy also bended the plates to the other side. etc, etc...

Frustrating was that we compensated one of the plates using a first trial. We adjusted the drawing for the laser cut. I left the plates with the bender guy... and when I picked them up, he said that the plate was 1mm too long... so that he compensated that to the sides. There´s nothing worst than a stupid with initiative! I was furious... went to the car and brought the PTR where that piece should fit...

And it fitted perfectly! How strange!!! I looked closer... and the bending marks were at the right place... except for one. The one that the manager marked. Then I remembered that I was there with the worker when we did the trial and explained to him where and how to mark that plate. So probably he did it just as I told him and not as the supervisor "re-adjusted" the plate. How lucky for us!

Not so lucky was the fact, that they bended tha plates to the wrong direction... Lucky again, that the guy doing the legs took a long weekend (because of the Mexican Revolution) and he didn't do the legs yet. Tomorrow, I'll have to catch him before he bores the aluminium legs.

We're having good luck from things that go wrong. I insist that there mut be a bigger force in this universe to protect us against technitians!

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