Thursday, October 20, 2005

Need 4 speed

This is the invitation to this year's grand prix. We'll be glad to see you there!

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Anonymous Hooper said...

Completely out of topic but....

Do you remember lampinho a discussion we had about how the english languaje was not "user friendly" and how ridiculous was for kids in gringolandia to have "spelling bee" contests so they can learn to distiguish between words like pray and prey?

Well guess what? it seems that i'm not the only one who thinks english languaje needs a major overhauling.

matta ne...

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Fernando said...

Well, you are right... at least Germans are so square, that there are no confusions on how to spell or pronounce something... while english is a disaster full of exceptions.

So. When are we going to the movies? We also need to meet, rgdg. the storyboard... and the catalogues.


7:57 AM  

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