Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Half Monty

I guess that men are actually from Omicron Persei 6, and we are no martians after all. Proof is ex-MP Locke (green), who walked through New Market with a G-string and a painted suit, to pay a lost bet. Many have regrets now... I mean those who voted Act just to see Locke's wearable art.

A more enjoyable view were the girls at Expo Ferretera in Guadalajara this weekend. When tool-men go to a trade fair, sure there will be pin-up girls. It was like being live in a Benny Bennassi video! There are some more pics at my Yahoo photos like this paint stand. The fair was just huge! It took us (Raul and I) 2 days to walk through all stands. The register was outside the building to allow more stands inside! just nuts! and bolts, and many other tools.

After 2 days of search, and some careful analysis of tons of free catalogues and literature, I returned alone on sunday because we were looking for a specific hinge that no-one seemed to have. I don't know if it's really so complicated: all we need is a hinge from 180 deg to 270 with 1/16" of difference between plates. The hardest thing was not the explanation, but to get the people to understand the need... Raul says, they are fixed with cabinets, or common applications and they just answer in automatic mode. They can't shift to any other idea. I had to bring parts of the prototype to show them... and still some didn't get the idea. The closest match is a 2 wing hinge... but still, is not a perfect fit.

Today I went to the store to get that (not so) famous 2 wing hinge, and mounted one on a trial prototype... I am still not happy, because there's still the thing of the 1/16" mounting plate. There are two options: to add an extra plate on one side, or make a mounting hole on the other side... both not so acceptable solutions. That means, it is solved but, we're still looking for a better way. I guess that's the hardest job of any designer.

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