Friday, December 09, 2005

hay que mover el bote...

We're almost one month delayed with the standers. Outsourcing (maquila) was not easy to do. To find good, reliable and cost effective maquiladores was not an easy task, specially the metal work. Anyway, I had to do some of the work myself, like sanding and correcting some pieces (specially rectifying threads and bores). Last saturday we were ready to assemble the first one of the first series. After weeks of stress, we had (almost) all parts ( without the sanding and rectifying)... so, we couldn't wait to see at least one of them assembled.

I was desperate to see it... and the last part was a small plastic cap that had to be cut in 2. So, I took a saw and went to the garden (the plants are getting a good dose of aluminum)... I was holding the piece in my hands, because I had no working table or surface to cut on... and... well, you know.

I didn't go to the hospital immediately. I only washed my hands and took some pictures of the finished stander with just a kleenex on my wound. I knew they were going to put some anesthesia and bandages, so that it was going to be difficult to take pictures later.
I almost fainted when the doctor put the anesthesia... I haven't eaten the whole day, and my pulse went crazy. I'm not usually disturbed by wounds, blood or needles... but this time it was too much for my stomach. I was going to take some pictures of the doctor putting 4 stitches in my hand... but I was too busy trying not to throw up.

My main problem after the hospital was a big pain in my butt (because of the injections!) and to decide what to eat with only one hand. I had craving for tortas ahogadas. I guess when you can't do something, the desire to do it gets bigger. I had some quesadillas and then spent all afternoon with Choquis and Co.

7 days of total inactivity... 7 more without strain on the hand. Ha!Ha! Today we hired a person to sand all aluminum pieces and I couldn't help to get my hands dirty... So really dirty, that I had to change bandages 5 times today. We were just about to leave... when Alejandra and her mom came to their factory... They caught me with my red handed (actually, black handed) full of aluminum dirt and they told me off, totally deserved!.

Only one week to go.

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