Sunday, January 01, 2006

The future is now

I haven't posted anything since last year! It's still last year in many places. So, here's how your future will look like! It's nice to be first ones to celebrate... downside is that New Zealanders are also the first ones to go back to work! Let's not think about that... we should implement a "new year's boxing day" to have an extra day to relax like all others!

Beacuse of P.C. (Political Correctness) one should not wish merry christmas, but seasons' greetings instead. Or just say "happy holidays". Anyway, I wish all my visitors from arround the world a happy new year... it doesn't matter when, exactly.

Today we went to the horse races at Alexandra Park, and afterwards to buy groceries for our new year's dinner. Only a few stores were open, and almost everyone at the mall was chinese (they celebrate new year later)... so you can't be wishing a happy new year to everyone you meet during the day... maybe we should just have good wishes for everyone all year 'round or have multiple celebrations...

Anyway. Best wishes to all my visitors, friends and family... all the time!
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