Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing day spring clean-up

Today I cleaned up my Mac and my mailboxes. Speaking of boxes, I finally got some time to upload pictures of the Nomadic Museum at the Santa Monica Pier by Shigeru Ban. On my trip back to NZ, I spent all my day in L.A. walking through Santa Monica... there were no "bay watch" girls in sight. Sorry! The Nomadic Museum was first set on NYC on the Hudson River Park's Pier. Because it is made out of steel cargo containers and recyclebar materials, it can be taken anywhere. The museum hosts a very interesting exhibition called Ashes and Snow by Canadian Artist, Gregory Colbert.

We met Mr. Ban in Monterrey. My wife worked as coordinator for the "Luis Barragan Chair" at ITESM. It was really an honour to attend his conference and discussion panels. I think, that he is in deed a strong candidate for a Pritzker Prize in the near future. After his visit, inspired by his work, my students developed products for refugees like : hospital beds, pharmacy dispenser, cages for pets and farm animals, children's playgrounds, a wheelbarrow to transport debris or other stuff, etc. You can see those projects on my website.

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