Friday, January 13, 2006

It would have been easier...

...if I had been uglier.

Today we received a copy of saabmagazine... and it's not just about cars. The issue they sent us (02-2005) features very interesting articles about art & design. Like australian artist Kylie Stillman, Nel Linssen's paper jewelery, James Gleeson, etc. But Martin Möller's article on "the beauty of concrete" left me... drooling! I'm sorry that I can't upload here more images... I couldn't find non copyrighted pictures except for this one in such short time. Most of the projects are faeatured at anyway. I took some pictures of Maier's Haashouse many years ago... let me see if I find them. Let's have a look at this top concrete projects then.
Aren't they amazing!??

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