Thursday, January 26, 2006

Arch iMedes

Raul sent me some links to his composition 1 student's blogs. They will be posting their projects there. Which is a great idea! I wonder if some of them will keep posting their works after this course. It would be interesting to see how they evolve and learn throughout their bachelor's studies. Have a look, there are also some original pics by the students:
That picture got me thinking about digital vandalism... Imagine the guy on the wheelchair eating some tacos or tortas ahogadas! That would be totally like Urban Chaos. It's good that we citizens can count on authorities like Counter-counterfeit commission to maintain order!

Now, seriously. I usually don't do individual posts about geeky, kitschig or weird products I find on the net... but I bookmarked this couple of blogs anyway, because there are some interesting notes besides these products. If carrying an USB memory thingy is too geeky for you... you may want to use one of this.

Don't you hate beeing waken up by that horrible sound of a clock... it doesn't matter which sound does it make. What about waking up with a nice smell?. Sandra's aunt had a coffemaker set up to start making coffe at 7:00am... When I lived with them in Toronto, it was nice to smell fresh coffe each morning, and I didn't had to set up the alarm clock. Also at Inhabitat, there's this recycled gear clock or what about this "about" time watches. (via) Then, there's this horrible, kitschig led table... guess the designer... well, his name is in the article anyway.

Speaking of Eco-design, check out this recyclable (did I got the spelling right this time?) buildings in Manhattan... Young architects might like to have a look at the whole blog BLDGBLOG. Even their title is massive, and there's not so much kitsch. At least not product kitsch.... mmm.... maybe architectural kitsch is even worst than products'. What I mean is that is not so easy to hide... and stays there for many years... perhaps centuries. Gosh! What a nightmare! Maybe, that's why this guys call themselves: "we make money, not art".

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