Thursday, February 09, 2006


I won't talk or write again about eternal recurrence... but to reincarnate, one has to be dead first. I guess it's not the same as just being born again... is it? I've been saying for quite a while that modernism is long gone, and yet, some tried to bring the corpse back to life and made a zombie called "postmodernism". - OK, OK, I confess: as a student, I once did a project more or less inspired by postmodernism... I am sorry about that. Don't kill me!

Anyway, Deyan Sudjic wrote this obituary to modernism.(via) The problem about that, is that according to Chaos Theory, there's a period of predictable events or behaviour, then there's chaos... until after a certain amount of time another period of order follows. What I mean, is that modernism has been dead since quite a while... (1929? 1970? 9-11-2001?) and there's no one there to replace it. Maybe that is why so many still worship modernism and still are in the so called "denial stage". We are inmersed in a chaotic period... maybe modernism reincarnated into one of the new age philosophies... or into immaterialism... who knows!? I also found this (almost one sided) comparaison between German and USA Design.

If you want to have a look at the reincarnated future... here's a very promising movie by Christian Volckman called Renaissance (via). I really recommend you to have a look at some of the featured sections of the site. There's a section about design of the film, not just the CGI, but also the graphic work behind the logos and advertisments on the streets. There are some sketches of the vehicles design (seems that Citroen designers helped), furniture, and even the urban development of Paris in the imaginary future 2053. Looks like one of those films made with real passion. If you can't wait like me to see the film, there are 2 trailers to download.

au revoir
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