Monday, February 13, 2006

X-treme update

Just a qick update on yesterday's post. Advertising is usually misleading or barely into the boundaries of honesty... That's why Sprite's campaign is just hilarious, making fun of dishonest advertising like the promo: "there are many others participating.. why would you think you could win?" and this "honest" ad from Argentina: "tu amigo te tiene ganas" (via) Just in time for Valentine's day: Girls beware!!!

Now, in other topics about advertising, I found this Extreme-post (in spanish) about how everything is "extreme" nowadays. I was terrified to see the once before "cute" gansito (recuerdame) transformed into an extreme skater, sunglasses and bermudas... who knows if the gansito has now a tattoo or a piercing somewhere. See the transformation or mutation of Gansito at ConejoAureo.

Ken (Barbie's boyfriend) also got an X-treme make over. (via Reuters) According to a Mattel's spokeperson "they separated a couple of years ago because they wanted to spend some time apart". So you see, even the blondine role model Barbie has a complicated life like those desperate housewifes.

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Blogger aguazumaki said...

That sprite commertial is really good, i would like to find it in Mexican Spanish.
I also thought about the evolution of the Gansito and I really don't like this "cholo" look the gansito has, it's very different from the character of my early years.

We'll only have to wait for Gansito's next look, something like Gansito gigolo or something like that.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

You are right, the "cholo" look is an extreme change from the cute small gansito "recuerdame". I don't know if young people actually identify themselves with the "gansito cholo". Well... if gansito follows Ken's example it will be a "metro" gansito.

I couldn't find the mexican version of the sprite commercial... if you find it, let me know.

Thanks for visiting again, you are one of my regular visitors.


4:44 PM  

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