Monday, March 13, 2006

Holly cow!

The only law that never fails and has no exceptions... is Murphy's. We are the living example of that. I already told you that during the production of the standers we were cursed by Murphy. I guess the only way out of this is to follow the Aussie example: The local belief was that the Australian foot-ball team was cursed to never qualify for a world cup. So, before the elimination games, someone came with the idea of having a chaman to cleanse the curse. They did a ceremony ... and ... it worked! Is that Karma or what!?

irish rainbowMurphy's Design Law Curse dates back to 1550 (MDLC) Unfortunatelly no-one has found any remedy yet. (via) Anyway, seems that we got a lucky break thanks to the gnomes on St. Patrick's day parade. See more pictures of the amazing rainbow over the city and the rest of the parade on my yahoo albums. It certainly gave us some "Irish Luck", because Raul and I spent all evening arranging the final details for the shippment of our prototype, at last after almost 3 months delay. Not so lucky was the kidnapped cow from CowParade Anyway, the cows we saw at the parade here, are safe (or at least not so aesthetic. He, he).

In other news: I'm glad to announce the grand opening of our "Special Kiwis Apparel Store" powered by CafePress. That's the kind of stuff one does while waiting for something to arrive. It was fun to prepare the images. Don't get confused with this other "signslanguage". Our products are not necesarely for the "hearing impaired", but I thought that it was a good idea to fingerspell our company name in 3 different languages: New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL), Canadian Sign Language (CASLAN) and Lengua de Señas Mexicana (LSM), using a format similar to our logo (which is a trademark). I think the final result speaks for itself, literally. So... if you like our designs, go ahead and get some of the "official" Special Kiwis Apparel and Gifts. It will take a while longer before I finish the company's web site. Be patient, I'm working on it.

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