Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I have no idea if it's really an hurricane or just tropical storm... but with this miserable weather, we spent all weekend watching TV and movies. So, here are some Ektopian suggestions on things to watch, if you don't want to waste more hours of your life "glotzen" at "Gorillas in the mist" for the eleventh time on the telli.

Look at this extraordinary watercolour-like animation by Antoine Antin and Jenny Rakotomamonjy called Le Papillon. It really pays out to watch the HiRes version (20MB) to be able to see the textures and fluid lines. Very minimalistic, very oriental, very nice. (via)

At least is not the end of the world! is the title of this videoclip by Partizan lab for a song by Super Furry Animals. (also via) And now that I'm re-posting Reevo's reccomendations... if you want to kill some time, but don't want to shoot the puppy... I can't make it higher than level 13! bad luck??? or the @#%*& puppy just gets on my nerves...?

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