Thursday, April 13, 2006

Coffee of toilet fuel

Just in time before holydays, the petrol price went to the roof. Now that we have 2 cars it will be a nightmare to pay for fuel. We thougt that by having two cars we wouldn't have to refuel as often. I mean, intstead of every week, it would be every fortnight... and in fact, every month, because the use would be also divided by 2. How wrong! It reminded me of Don Norman's article about toilet paper... basically, someone invented a toilet paper holder for two rolls. You know it's a terrible thing when there's a need for paper and the roll is almost empty. The idea of having two rolls, is that the next paper roll will be there ready when it's needed. What happened in reality is that both rolls ran out at the same time!
Having two tanks to refuel gives the same problem. One usually takes the car with the most fuel, and at the end both cars will be empty at the same time, generating a larger bill at the petrol station. Anyway, speaking about fuel, I found a common denominator and it was like a sign to write something about designer's fuel. Besides, all that talk about the caffeine chewing gum got me thinking.

ThinkGeek has a whole range of products for caffeine addicts like: caffeine body gel / bath soap, so that your body can absorve your dosis while you take your morning shower... a caffeine inhaler, pretty much like the asthma inhalers, when you start feeling a desperate need of a fix... lips balm, to give coffe kisses (recommended only if your partner likes the coffe taste).

DesignBoom has a rather kitschig option: a coffee machine (of the future?). I think it's just kitsch and not modern. I can imagine the comic book guy having one of those... but not on a decent minimalistic environment.

My favourite discovery is this. It's not because of the actual design of the coffee machine. I mean, the design is OK, modern, simple, it's very good. But the fact that Sowden Design is showcasing drawings, sketches, renders and engineering/assembly images of the products they developed it's even better! I think it's a great site to look at the actual industrial design process. After looking at some of the hand sketches, I promise, I will never complain again about my student's indecipherable drawings. It's nice that a company like that allows students (and other interested designers) to see inside the real life design process. Good on you mates!

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