Saturday, May 13, 2006

Graffiti lego

Apollogies... I have several links on my bookmarks, of things that I want to post (eventually), but I've been quite buisy lately. Finally, the piece that holds the stander's tray is ready. I just need to print & send the blueprints, etc. My neuron is not so good at multitasking. Anyway... I'll start with the lego futuristic buildings "utopolis" by Michael Labelle. (via) I remember that a design magazine form Guadalajara, featured some lego houses by some of the local architects. I guess that we don't give lego bricks enough credit regarding the creative... or the economic possibilities. The tallest building in Utopolis called The Black Tower is up for sale @ $7777CAN.

Not my style or topic, but next week there's going to be a graffiti event at Karangahape road (short name: K road) called Write4Gold. What's interesting are the "disclaimers":
OK, well then, where do all those people practice? It's like organizing a "marihuana smoke rings contest" don't you think?

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