Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lola rennt

Thanks to Aguazumaki, a tec student and usual reader of this blog, for these 4 videos of the "serie cart-on 2006" cardboard cars race. Just click on each picture to open a you-tube video. This time there were reporters from a couple of local newspapers, maybe next time it will be featured on local TV! By the way, Alejandro: if you like, I can send you a pdf with a layout for next year's trophies, he, he.

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Blogger aguazumaki said...

I noticed that the third and the fourth video don't have audio. I uploaded them agin and now they work fine.
I'll keep the old ones there because the links are already directed to those videos.


2:50 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Thanks again!

I updated the links to the new videos:

1st race
2nd race
3rd race
Final race

If someone wants to download the videos, you can use "video downloader" a tool that lets you convert the you-tube videos to .fla .avi .wmv .mp4 or torrent for iPod


11:56 AM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

Here are the new grand-prix serie cart-on videos.


7:44 PM  

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