Wednesday, July 12, 2006

ベンダ の いとこ

This week we just found out about Jaimesan's accident on the streets of Tokyo. At this rate, he will become a full "robocop" in no time. It got me thinking about bionics, new technologies for orthetics, robots, etc. Some implants are not science fiction anymore, and there will be more comming up. For example, this technology to manupulate a robot using brainwaves... with no implants or invasive connections. How is that possible? Well, using MRI, a decoder analyses the brain activity and sends signals to a robot to mimic the human commands with an 85% accuracy. Someday we won't be using a mouse or a keyboard to imput our computers.

About the title... well, here's Bender's japanese cousin: ASIMO. Learn everything you want to know about this amazing robot at Honda Worldwide's ASIMO. There are a couple of movies, videos, pictures, the story of Asimo, etc. My favourite video of Asimo... is this podcast by MobuzzTV from "Salon del automovil" in Madrid of Asimo dancing "I feel good". Jaime: we wish you a promt feel good recovery.

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