Sunday, July 02, 2006


Now that I finished doing my tax return, filling paperwork for the patents, etc. I started to upload some of the videos I have into a youtube account. Despite having kiwibroadband... it takes a long time to upload (upload data speed is limited to dial-up speed) So, I had to recompress some videos. Mac users may know that Quicktime cannot handle audio on mpeg videos. I learned that mpeg videos had to be split into an audio feed and the video file using a process called demultiplexing. Then, one has to re-process those files to convert them into .aiff and .mov respectively. Then, join them again using iMovie, Premiere, finalcut or any video editing suite. You may imagine that it was a very discouraging and time consuming process.

However, I found a miraculous new tool developed by Sqared 5 called MPEG Streamclip. It does batch processing and can export directly into any format, without all that complicated demuxing. I am now converting my old home-videos into iPod compatible mp4 at half the file size of a mpeg. I'll be uploading more videos into my youtube account in the next days.

Some of the latest additions to my youtube: the first "serie carton" 2002 and 2003 in Monterrey, the "serie carton 2005" in Guadalajara, the cardboard chairs, and a small clip with Edwina and Gabriel's conference at ITESM. I'll be uploading more videos into my youtube account in the next days. In my favourites you'll also find this amazing cardboard chair. Wow, it got me thinking about developing a foldable cardboard stander, he, he.

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Blogger aguazumaki said...

I finally saw the videos. I got an e-mail from youtube since last week but I didn't had the chance to look at them. They are nice, by the way, I thought the "Seri Cart-On" was made for the firs time last semester en Guadalajara.
I had the same problem with the videos. I forgot that QuickTime can't demux the videos (that's why I uploaded some videos with out audio, and I didn't noticed until they were uploaded). The I used MPEG Streamclip to keep the audio. I found that program last december while i was looking a way to convert MPEG's to iPod's format. Very good program indeed.
Two of my classmates, Eva de Anda and Alejandra Aregui made a foldable cardboard chair, very interesting. I'll upload a picture of that chair, by now I only have online pictures of my chair (
See you later.

5:41 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

WOW! Your on-line portfolio looks very nice! Congratulations.
It's a good thing that you are presenting your school projects, well... in a presentable manner. Keep the good work.

We did the cardboard races only twice in Monterrey. The first time was a "design methodologies" group of 64 students!!! That was with Jaime Alvarez.

The second race, I challenged a design 4 studio group... of Prof. Alejandro Martinez. Unfortunately, my students lost that race... even the "revancha".

I still have to import the second race video(I have that on analogue camera).


2:00 AM  

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