Friday, August 04, 2006

People are people

I know, I know... I haven't been posting lately. Not that I don't want to... but I've been using my spare time for other activities. For example, yesterday I was looking for a Finnish band (or orchestra) that plays just like a school band, they sometimes go out of tune or start playing something else. If you know the name of that group please let me know. Anyway... visiting several mp3 blogs and several weird places on the net, I found Design*Sponge , an interesting blog about interior design. I know, that's not my area, but many students and visitors may find it nice... there are also some posts about products, furniture and architecture... or a combination of both, like this jewellery featuring those people figurines that architects always put on their drawings. That would make a nice gift for a graduate girl architect or girlfriend.

Speaking of girrrly stuff, if you like kitsch, cute things, animals, pot ... or all of the above. Then prepare for "cute overload"... visit at your own risk.

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