Thursday, August 24, 2006


Here's one for Raul's students. The uncounscious art of demolition is a flikr group which showcases pictures of the unconscious aesthetical creations resulting from the destruction of man-made structures. That's like artistic forensic autopsy pictures of destoyed buildings. I am still not so sure about the term "art" ... but sure there are some interesting images.

Another interesting photo project is "abandoned Japan"... pictures of abandoned places. It reminded me of Arq. Gonzalez Lobo's conference at ITESM... he critizised that most architectural books show the buildings with no soul arround! He said something like "those editors think that people are going to contaminate their puritan architecture". Well, it's true. Most magazines and books have empty houses and buildings, like if they were taken after a biological or atomic war. They would never show you a service room with dirty laundry, a children's room with a tipical mess... or a kitchen with dirty dishes!

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