Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Well, this is 'round design's 200th post. There have been many topics in all this time, and lines, like: webdesign, software, products, architecture, semiotics, advertising, on-line games, movies, industrial design, kitsch, art ... to just simple life anecdotes. Sometimes it's just my thoughts, sometimes I write in a hurry, or post mainly links that are accumulating on my internet-bookmarks before I clean them up.

Anyway. A couple of months ago I found out about bObles on the DDC news. I was amazed by the products and we made contact immediately with Louise and Bolette. I am glad to say, that we are now selling their products. I wanted some motor developmental accessories, but I don't like the typical tumble-forms... however, the romping animals are just great! So, I really wanted to have those featured on Special Kiwis. I am really glad they accepted us to sell their products... not just the animals, but also furniture and toys. If you want some of those for an original and unique christmas gift ... just place an order with us.

We just found out that bObles won the prestigious Scandinavian design award Formidable 2006 for innovative, creative and marketable design. Congratulations to Louise and Bolette!

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Anonymous hooper said...

Happy 200's!!!
You sure look no older than 180 ^_^ !

12:12 PM  
Blogger Fernando Vallejo said...

They didn't call me "madaleno" in highschool for no reason. He, he.


10:34 PM  

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