Thursday, October 19, 2006

Goofy loves Bob Dylan, but not Sebastian

iLoveA web survey found that women are the largest group of internet buyers... and most buys occur after doing a job search. Just give a girl a credit card and broadband to surf and the illusion of a better paid job and you have a sale! Sorry, I deleted that message, so I can't find the source. Anyway, a very succesful product recently, is iLove, a girls' magazine that comes with a bottle of pure water (or viceversa). 32 pages of gossip and entertainment that comes with a bottle of water... that is double targeting a niche market!

Another interesting niche marketing is that Bob Dylan's new record... actually comes on a record! Sony decided to sell LP vinyls aswell as CDs. Maybe because most of the people interested on that record, already own all previous records on vinyl... and they would like to hear the new one on a regular LP turntable. Speaking of emotional design!

Finally, if you are courious about the "in"famous Mouse Orgy... that's something that everyone wanted to see. Like the Coyote finally eating the Road-runner, Silverster killing Tweety, Superman and Wonder-woman getting nasty, etc, etc... the japanese are sooo much ahead in that matter. Disney should do a focus group (just don't invite french to that group) to see what the viewers really want to see. I mean Look at what Chistina Aguilera and Britney Spears are doing after leaving the Mickey Mouse Club, besides the later getting like a cow.

Speaking of cows. Now there's a Chihuahua Parade... of course in the state of Chihuahua. I critizised the idea of the Rams (borregos) parade at ITESM for the 60th anniversary, because it is a knock off of someone else's idea. But I must admit that is nice to have the decorated rams arround the campus. Except maybe for the M&Ms ram, which melted terribly under the "gentle" sun of Monterrey (which proves that M&Ms DO melt!). Anyway, my sister sent me some pictures of a trip to Chihuahua, and I was totally disapointed on the Chihuahua sculpture made by Sebastian. Just look at it... it seems that he asked some of his apprentices to do it for him.

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