Monday, October 09, 2006

Gypsy cards

When I was studying in Gemany, a gypsy (Zigeunerin) told me that I was going to win the lottery. I told her that, that would be really lucky since I don't usually buy tickets. Anyway, some time later there was the typical story of the largest jackpot ever, and we bought a ticket... and I won!!! (a refund anyway). I have no idea if that was the gypsy's prediction or someday I'll win a real jackpot.

If I win... I'll probably donate some of that money to sponsor a park like CAED's Poly Canyon. I mean, It's a great idea to have a park with architectural structures designed by the students. They are just amazing! Look at this cantilever structure... and the pavillon, etc, etc... I was surfing the cardboard chairs, but I was blown away by the Poly Canyon!

Some weeks ago I chated with Isaac Cuellar, a former student who's now working at Taiyo Birdair designing membrane structures. Wouldn't it be nice to have their tensile structures on an architecture dedicated park close to campus?

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