Saturday, October 21, 2006

Minimum celibacy

I know that my promisse to post regularly was like Paris Hilton's promise to keep celibate. Now that I'm done with catalogues and instructions... (not like Shaïwear's catalogues!) I have many belated posts. So I'll try to get up to date.

Check out, father of minimalism, Jacob Jensen's roundabouts. Those would look nice at the main gate of ITESO. (via)

Also via DDC, a list of 10 design web blogs worth visiting. Quite interesting are Doors of Perception and Putting People First, which focuses on user centered design... that's where I found this article by Logic + Emotion on user experience. Too much business oriented, but also interesting is Nussbaum on Design, for example: Why HR Departments hire or fire individuals and not teams? TV shows like the apprentice demonstrate how teams are sometimes a catastrophe; some case studies from IDSA, or this interview with Don Norman... one of the fathers of user centered design.

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