Friday, January 25, 2008

Project Run-away

Some alternative titles I had in mind when I was collecting some of these links were: when geeks go fashion / fashion goes geek / Frankie goes to Hollywood, or maybe : Ernest goes to the beach... I am being unPC here but, what is it about fashion and orientation? Has shaveeverywhere actually became a metro design trend? I mean, for real?! I have no idea if I'm on stage 1 (denial) or stage 5 :"awesomeness"! He, he.

Keitai GirlWith all this gizmo frenzy going on, we are reaching a stage when I can only imagine that many people are starting to have different sets of gizmos to accessorize according to the occasion just like we (kinda) dress differently , i.e. wear an appropriate cell phone/watch/palm/iPod for work/school, parties, evening galas & events, going to the gym, church... etc. This only demonstrates that many of such gizmos are not utilitarian, they are just fashionable desirable objects/accessories. The Association for Computing Machinery's Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques (acm siggraph) organized UnRavel a very geeky fashion show. I am not going into each project detail... some are well executed, some are statements of superficiality of fashion/ emotions/ technique/ nostalgia/ paranoia/ sarcasm/ lifestyle, some we may actually see (or not) in a near future, some are chindogus or art pieces. You can watch a video of the whole show (Click on "Gallery") or see some pictures.

day for night by studio 5050One of the most interesting projects is Day for Night by Studio 5050. (via) It's quite interesting to read the rationale behind the dress... and I love that is Mac compatible... I wonder if it's PPC or Universal binary? I liked the idea of powering up your gadgets... and the design reference to Paco Rabanne / Francoise Hardy is fabulous.

Geek fashion has evolved and became more sophisticated since the C:\_RUN> t-shirts or the barcode t-shirts. Nowadays we even have geeky girl power! The CeBit05 video opening was controlled from a dress, or you can subscribe to a RSS site and then get your subscription on a knitted RSS sweater (via) but if you want to find out what's new in the geeky fashion industry, next week will be the seamless v.3 fashion show in Boston where you can see some of the projects I just mentioned... and many new ones!

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