Sunday, December 23, 2007

12 Bad Christmas advertising design

One day I will dedicate a whole post about kiwi advertising, but this one deserves a message before Christmas. A local hardware store came with this campaign for the season: A floor sales person says something like: "This season, we introduced the Christmas sniffing dogs to find the perfect gifts" Then he shows a picture to the hunting dog, and the dog runs to find a present. On one of the ads, they use the picture of a girlfriend or wife as example, and the dog finds those party snack plates. It may look funny, but every time I see that, I just imagine the dog drooling or dribbling all over the plates!!! Yuck!!! Extra salty dip for your party snacks.

I normally wouldn't buy Christmas presents from a hardware store... but I definitely won't buy anything there for a few months. With my bad luck, I would certainly pick the items that are still full of dog's saliva!

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