Wednesday, November 21, 2007

11 Me iTarzan no gustar apple...

Apple just launched their online store for Mexico... and again my questions are:

With all those millions ($$$) Why can't a company like apple hire somebody who ACTUALLY speaks spanish to translate their pages? It's like reading a google or "Tarzan speech" translation!

If this is the "official" store... does that mean, there are "un-official" stores? If you use the same design principles of minimalism: don't say it if it's not necessary.

Where do they get things like : "Mantenedme informado" ? I mean, that could be correct spanish from a book, but is not Mexican spanish... and the site is suposed to be localized for Mexico, not for Argentina, not for Spain, not even for Texas or California!!! Although probably OK at Tarzan's town (Maybe apple has some secret headquarters there! and not at Cupertino as you may believe).

This, just from the start (first) page:
  • Bienvenidos al apple store online oficial = Bienvenidos a la tienda oficial en línea de apple.
  • Store para educación = Tienda escolar
  • Store para Empresas = Tienda para empresas
  • Los precios son inclusivos del IVA = Los precios incluyen IVA
  • Reservados todos los derechos = Todos los derechos reservados
  • Aplicaciones de creatividad = Programas para creatividad*
  • Felicitaciones por tu graduación, Carlos! = Carlos, Felicidades por tu graduación!
If iLife, iWork and other apple software are translated by the same monkeys (Tarzan is long dead.. so, who else could talk and write like that?) which did this... then, I suggest to get the english version, at least you won't have the problem of trying to guess what they ment.

English speaking people complain about Chinese or Japanese instruction manuals, yet they don't have a minimum of consideration on how well they translate their documents into other languages (A very good example is the USA travel form i94, which is terribly translated) . They have that same attitude of the Romans, calling Barbarians those who didn't speak Latin. I guess we have a new breed of iBarbarians , which in those times was also condemned by Plato as a form of Racism.


*This is actually a tricky one... I would probably say "software creativo".
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