Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I was updating my banners, because 'round design is now listed at Kiwiology... and I found this post at . I just love the movie teaser... you can turn on/off subtitles or watch them on sign language!
How cool is this?!

Over in the UK, Aardman Animations, the animation geniuses behind the Wallace and Gromit franchise, have created a new set of characters for a disability awareness campaign. The campaign, launched by the Leonard Cheshire Disability charity, is called “Creature Discomforts” and features six animal characters, each of which is voiced by a disabled person.

Characters include Flash the sausage dog, Spud the slug, Brian the bull terrier and Peg the hedgehog - all wheelchair-bound with different disabilities - Slim the stick insect with a walking stick and Tim the tortoise on crutches.

“We want people to change the way they see disability, to think and act differently and to make a positive difference to the lives of disabled people,” said Bryan Dutton, the Leonard Cheshire director general. “Disabled people experience unnecessary social barriers which are created largely through ignorance.”

Logo -Leonard Cheshire disAbilitiyLeonard Cheshire’s campaign aims to highlight the disadvantage and discrimination that disabled people experience on a daily basis. Each of the ads ends with the tag-line “Change the way you see disability”.

December 3rd is the UN international day of disabled persons. This year's subject is employment... I guess that's a hard one.

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