Thursday, November 01, 2007

PDMA NZ Launch

PDMA (Product Development and Management Association) is a networking and advocating organization for professionals. Like other societies or associations, they organize conferences/ events, publish books and journals, and promote professional development, education, experience, networking and recognition.

PDMA New ZealandNext week they will be launching their New Zealand chapter. The event is on Tuesday, 6th November 2007 5:30pm with a small presentation: ‘Business Environment for Innovation’ by Adj. Prof. Rod Oram and some jazz to enjoy the networking afterwards.

Study Centre Staff Lounge
Massey University
Gate 1, Albany Expressway

The Product Development and Management Association of New Zealand (PDMA-NZ) is the New Zealand Affiliate of the U.S. based PDMA - a global organisation committed to innovation and product development.

The Association is a not-for-profit entity and the premier global advocate for product innovation and management professionals. The existing membership comprises some of the best new product professionals from the most widely admired and accomplished innovation companies in the world as well as some of the field's foremost academics.

PDMA-NZ is committed to the professional development, collaboration and promotion of product innovation among individuals and organisations across New Zealand.

By becoming a member of PDMA New Zealand, you will automatically become a member of our parent organisation PDMA and receive the benefit of belonging to an international community of over 3,000 innovation professionals globally. Establishment of this local body is well timed to give New Zealanders the opportunity to be part of a national body, exchange information and network to collaborate locally and globally

New Product Development for DummiesIf you are curious about new product development, you believe that new product development is just about sniffing some markers and drawing doodles that will eventually become a successful product like the next iPod or something; or if you seriously think that hearing the voice of the customer is when Mel Gibson gets some kind of schizophrenia, or if you are just about to graduate and still believe that intuition and common sense are the only things you'll need for making good design... If you said yes to more than one of the above, then probably you should read first New Product Development for Dummies (no joke) and (then) attend the launch event! ... or just go and read it later.

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