Friday, October 12, 2007

Job opportunities

business hoursSometimes I think that if things don't go well as a designer, I could make a career change. For example: On one of today's news about the multisensory room opening, they say that the room looks like "un antro para discapacitados". So, maybe I could open my own bistro, bar, disco or restaurant. Actually that could be a second career choice, everyone tells me that I should open a mexican restaurant with pozole, birria, tortas ahogadas, etc. Worse case scenario, it could be an italian restaurant... but I would only make pasta dishes.

Now that I lost some weight, I could also work as a chippendale... however, since the Prime Minister attended two chippendale services last week, I'm just affraid I could get a call from her!

I also used to say that I would like to become a Tibetan priest and live somewhere in the Himalayas... but I need internet access so I could post on my blog... and it's quite a long walk to the next Kwik-E-Mart where they have wireless access (I hope) So, I don't know, maybe I should wait before a career change. Maybe because my dream job is being a designer after all.

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